If you want to be rich, then follow these rules!


If you want to be rich, then follow these rules! 🤷 🏻 🏻 Do not be afraid to be rich. I tell you what rules will help you become it 🔺 You will be able to start investing after you have mastered these tools 👍 🏻 To begin with, make a good habit of saving 10-20% of each income you receive. Use this money to Fund your "financial system pillows" and regular investments. 2. The main thing is to start investing 🔺 The first rule of investing is known to all, and it is most certainly known to everyone. This rule is most especially relevant now — as a rule, the vast majority of wealthy people use it for accumulation purposes. They are ready to give up anything to make their financial life easier. They are able to "hold" part of the income and invest it to generate additional income. They are able to open their own businesses without having to go to the office or personal account. They are able to open additional sources of income and increase their capital without taking out loans. They start giving up something else immediately: to do this, read books on financial literacy and improve your working skills. These people are not afraid to make a mistake. Not afraid, but they do it anyway. After making a mistake, they do not wait for the state, the authorities or the help of the state. They they act responsibly and with wisdom. 3. Spend wisely Have a portfolio approach to investing, which is designed so that different classes of investors can benefit from different asset classes. For example, stocks can show in a strong mood, while bonds can help you in difficult times. Invest in assets with a consistently high %, and use a long-term investment horizon. 4. Stocks will rise and fall You can see this in the math of different classes of stocks.  But most often, the growth of these stocks is driven not by the "monthly averaging" that has become popular over the past 10 years, but by the movement of capital (in a circle).  5. High stocks always have high dividends The math is very simple — you buy very good assets, whose value you receive compensation for.  This is why you usually do not buy shares, since they are traded very cheaply.  6. Bonds generate passive income Since they generate very good passive income — by using coupon money you can buy very expensive assets with very low coupon rates.  7. Long-term investments do not require a large investment sum. Exactly the opposite. The only thing that you should not do is to get too cozy and do not put your money in different places at different times. SUMMARY: If you save money and invest wisely, you will have everything guaranteed to come to your savings! ADDITIONALLY: 1) Read my article "Where should I not invest my money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills do you need to become rich" . The author of the article is Alexander Evstegneev I WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LIKES AND REPOSTS OF THIS ARTICLE