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Our Mission

SVN | Asset Advisory Group strives to list, sell, lease, and manage commercial, residential, investment, industrial, and multi-family residential properties in a manner that best represents the interests of our clients, customers, associates, and the owners of the company in a lawful, ethical, and profitable manner.

Our mission statement led us to adopt SVN and their core values together with their marketing programs. We recognized that through their support, we could better serve our clients and our market. SVN reflects this approach in their Core Covenants which every SVN advisor agrees to uphold in his or her business dealings.


Faster closes. Higher values. These are the real measures of success. Combined with our unique strategies and guaranteed broker-to-broker cooperation, these traits showcase our passion for creating new industry benchmarks. Today, while other national firms still subscribe to traditional closed methods of brokering, SVN is the only national firm with a policy and practice of cooperating on every listing with over 60,000 brokers and investors across the country.

In a break from tradition, SVN uses high technology to facilitate exciting and dynamic property marketing programs for our clients. By linking brokers through the internet and developing our national database, we have been able to expand our model of broker cooperation and reach new markets faster. In addition to our traditional marketing brochures, SVN also offers interactive electronic brochures, electronic postcards, and exclusive property websites.

Only industry leaders with proven experience are accepted to the SVN team. Agents must pass rigorous ethics testing and background checks in addition to demonstrating their extensive experience. Our firm consists of successful professionals with years of extensive knowledge. Sperry Van Ness brings its clients unprecedented levels of expertise through agents that foster the highest level of integrity.

SVN is the only firm whose clients benefit from the well-earned reputation of a consistent, proactive approach by marketing listings to outside brokers and investors. Sponsoring over 100 marketing forums each year, SVN promotes all listings to its external broker network, inviting other brokerage houses to attend these forums to learn about SVN deals and to present their own.